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‘Dragonfly Vs. Dragonflyman  #1’ (review)

Written by Tom Peyer
Art by Peter Krause
Published by Ahoy Comics


From the pages of The Wrong Earth comes a prequel of sorts to the whole Dragonfly/Dragonflyman saga!

In the comic series, two heroes are from different earths. and they each trade places with each other.

One is from a hopeful universe and the other is from a darker one. It is a great take on the modern superhero.

But this issue takes place before all of that. This shows the two heroes in their respective universes going about their daily lives.

The opening sequence shows Dragonfly and his sidekick, Stinger, going on an investigation. They find a few bodies. The bodies then start to chant something about a devil being involved. It is quite an eerie scene!

Dragonfly and Stinger get out of that scene and decide to see if they can track down the person responsible for all of this havoc.

From there we go to the Dragonflyman universe, where he comes across a similar scene. In that universe, it is all done in a goofy way. One thing is for certain though. It seems like all of the good guys are going up against Devil-Man. And the villain’s scheme might be bigger than any of them are imagining.

The two teams of heroes from Earths Alpha and Omega do some digging. The investigation part of this issue is extremely well handled. There is all sorts of weirdness that happens. The best part is when Dragonflyman comes up against a boxing kangaroo. That part has to be seen to be believed.

The rest of the issue is a bunch of setup to get Dragonfly to come up against Dragonflyman. It is actually really well handled. The Devil-man plays a big part here in getting things going. I love where the creative team took us by the end of the issue.

Tom Peyer is doing the best work of his career over at Ahoy Comics. His writing is vital in a way that it never was before this. Peter Krause does a great job on the art as well. This is a great start to the book. I can’t wait to see where the creative team takes us from here!



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