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‘The Flash #84’ (review)

Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Christian Duce
Published by DC Comics


The present storyline over here at the Flash comic has been utterly insane!

The Rogues have grouped together to take over Keystone City and the Flash is racing to stop them. The problem this time around is that the Rogues may in fact be too powerful this time out. What is a speedster to do?

Barry is trying to gather himself together at the beginning of the issue.  The group of heroes Barry came across are traversing through Central City as best they can.

That is when they come across The Weather Wizard. And he is ready to give these guys a run for their money.

The heroes try to reason with the Weather Wizard. But he doesn’t want to hear it. So, a huge fight erupts! Lightning is thrown around! Everything just goes completely nuts. It is all beautifully staged and choreographed by artist Christian Duce.

He really is becoming an amazing artist, improving by leaps and bounds on every comic book he works on.

Meanwhile, we get to see the Rogues really solidifying their place in the grand scheme of things. Williamson knows how to make the Rogues a legitimate threat. He also skillfully weaves this story into the Year of the Villain storyline quite well.

By the end of the issue, Barry has to make a decision. He can save Central City. But to do so he has to team up with Glider, Heatwave and the Weather Wizard. Can they be trusted? Williamson and Duce have created another fine issue and I can wait to see where this ends up.



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