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‘Batman: Curse of the White Knight #7’ (review)

Written and Illustrated by Sean Murphy
Published by DC Comics


Bruce Wayne learned a shocking truth in the last issue.

His family legacy is a lie, and he is not a Wayne.

Sean Murphy has spent two masterful stories breaking down Batman while finding a way to save the day.

Azrael has taken control of Gotham.

Batman is outmatched and outgunned. He’s been known to pull a rabbit out of his hat before.

However, he’s going to need a pretty damn big rabbit to succeed.

Murphy might have provided a clue which lies in Azrael/Jean-Paul Valley’s health. It’s a plot point that hasn’t been mentioned for the last few issues.

Azrael has been on a tear of hellfire and brimstone to such a degree that the idea of stopping him seems laughable.

Now, a well-placed reminder could tip the balance in Batman’s favor.

Speaking of well-placed things, Murphy’s artwork always exhibits excellent scenes at the perfect time.

As Batman reveals a major secret to the city, there are panels of various people looking on in multiple locations. One of them is Alfred drinking a bottle of alcohol in response to the news. The imagery was fun with a dash of sophistication.

There was another cool image of Batman’s last Batmobile as all of the other ones have been destroyed. It is pointed out to Batman that his vehicle is outdated and might not stand up to contemporary weaponry.

The thing is, once you see the version of the Batmobile that is put into play, your inner geek will shout with joy despite the assessment.

The final image worth mentioning is Batman in an abandoned downtown Gotham dwarfed by a red sky. The color choice represented not only the bloody affair that is to come, but the finality Murphy teased in this penultimate chapter. The events that unfold here made a strong case that the “White Knight” is coming to an end.

Whether we’re in store for a real conclusion or not, this book is the perfect primer for next month’s grand finale.

Rating: A


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