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Five Variations of Roulette in Online Casinos

As casino games go, there are few as universally loved as Roulette. The classic spin-and-win game of chance has enthralled generations of casino enthusiasts, all enraptured by the unique sensation of playing games for real money.

The experience of playing Roulette in a brick-and-mortar establishment is one of the most authentic ways to enjoy the hallowed casino atmosphere. Hordes of eager gamers gather around the Roulette table to place bets and cheer each other on, all hoping to get lucky and win a bit of cash.

But now, the rise of online casinos has brought a new way to enjoy games, including Roulette. Thanks to the internet, virtual and live games can be played online for real money, allowing casino lovers the opportunity to play their favourite games at home or on-the-go, while still maintaining that authentic casino feel.

When it comes to online Roulette, everyone loves the classic European version. But online casinos have the power to offer a wide variety of different games, with something to suit every player. Here, we run through five variations of Roulette available to play online that you may not be aware of, but could land you a windfall.


Penny Roulette

It’s all in the name with this one. With Penny Roulette, your bet can start from as little as 1p when you’re making inside bets, while naturally the standard outside bets will cost a pound. This is a good game for beginners, who may not be entirely sure of their surroundings when it comes to Roulette, as you can get a feel for the different inside bets at minimum expense.


Live Quantum Roulette

This game takes everything you love about Roulette and ramps it up a notch. The standard numbers range from 0-36, but it’s the different multipliers that give Quantum Roulette a unique twist. Any time a number is hit on the Roulette wheel, a certain multiplier will be applied, which could be anything up to 500x your bet. The live aspect also gives this game an extra thrill, as you play with a real-life croupier in real time.


Diamond Bet Roulette

This one takes all the best bits of Roulette and gives it an extra twist with the addition of the diamond pocket, located where the 00 pocket would usually be on an American Roulette wheel. If you bet at least 10p on this pocket, you’ll have a chance of winning up to 100x your wager. Once the ball lands on the diamond, a second spin will occur on the outside of the wheel to determine the multiplier, creating even more tension.


Live Football Roulette

The idea of a football-themed Roulette game may sound far-fetched, but the online casino has something for everyone! In this game, it’s basically standard European Roulette, but with the added bonus of football scores, stats, updates, tables and more playing in the background. The live croupier will also discuss the results and updates, while players of the game can talk footy with other users from all over the world. It’s the perfect Roulette game for fans of the beautiful game.


Spread-Bet Roulette

This game gives you more chances to win and more betting options. In addition to the standard bets associated with classic European Roulette, you’ll have the chance to make unique side bets and spread-bets. These spread-bets involve predicting whether the sum of two numbers will fall between certain ranges of numbers. With a return to player (RTP) percentage of over 97%, this is another great option if you want Roulette with an extra twist.



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