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‘Aquaman #59’ (review)

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by Robson Rocha
Published by DC Comics


Kelly Sue DeConnick has had an interesting run on this title.

It has been full of some incredible ups and some not so good downs. Luckily, this new issue is very good for the first half and promises some really great stuff to come!

The explosive opening has Aquaman looking for Orm.

Arthur doesn’t look too happy. Aquaman has to go up against Orm’s army, while searching for his daughter. It is an awesome thing to see. Artist Robson Rocha really cuts loose here and it is well drawn.

The action stops for a little while while Arthur is wounded.

Dolphin shows up and tries to help heal him, but she is quickly pushed away by Arthur. It is an emotional moment for sure.

Arthur needs to find his little girl and he will stop at nothing to accomplish this goal.

We then go over to Amnesty Bay where there is a bit of action happening with a few supporting cast members including Jackson. The rest of the issue focuses on a Jackson and his family and it is a bit jarring and boring.

The ending perked me up however. Orm makes an appearance and it is an awesome moment. It is also the cliffhanger moment of the issue. The next issue looks promising. I am looking forward to seeing how this continues.


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