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Listen! ‘You Already Know’ Podcast Episode 1: “Akoins”

Welcome, fine folks, to the debut episode of You Already Know, and boy did these guys waste no time getting to the sh*ts!

Major Game of Thrones season 1 spoilers for the first 3:52 mins, as well as from min 7:458:15, with special shoutouts to Sean Bean(!), so know you’ve been warned!!! From there, Kenan Thompson & Tani Marole discuss everything from the their shared love of Sherman Helmsley’s filmography to Tani living in South Africa, The “N” Word, Kenan’s high hopes for Akon City, the middle class as we know it, the Coronavirus, and a whole lot more!!!

Disclaimer: You Already Know contains strong language and is for Mature Audiences Only. This episode was recorded before the worldwide pandemic lockdown, before the general public had a full understanding of the novel Coronavirus’s global effects. Any views on the severity of the virus weren’t fully informed at the time of this recording. We love Governor Cuomo over here at UAK! 🙂


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