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‘Ash and Thorn #3’ (review)

Written by Mariah McCourt 
Art by Soo Lee
Published by Ahoy Comics


This has been a fun book from the very first issue.

It also seems to be getting more and more interesting. The creative team here has created a nice niche book.

It reminds me of a Joss Whedon TV show without the unnecessary snark.

Lottie has been in a lot of trouble the last few issues.

She has been dealing with a trainer who has never fought in an actual battle. She is finding her training manual to be completely ineffective.

All of this, and the forces of darkness are closing in on her and the planet.

At the beginning of the issue here, Peruvia suggests to Lottie that they have some sort of dream melding training tactic. This is so Lottie can see what it takes to have the heart of a champion. It is to see what a champion is made of.

After a bit of arguing, Lottie agrees to try this.

This is where the issue and the series cements it’s tone perfectly.

As Lottie and Peruvia meld their dream and minds, the book gets weird. The visuals by Soo Lee are deceptively simple here though. They say a lot and are fully emotional. They also move the story ahead perfectly.

This book steers itself towards a fine ending. It looks as not only Lottie has to prove herself, but Peruvia does as well. McCourt ends her script off on a truly exciting note.

I am curious to see how the creative team resolves this.



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