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‘Billionaire Island #2’ (review)

Written by Mark Russell
Art by Steve Pugh
Published by Ahoy Comics


Mark Russell is one hell of a fun writer.

Everything he does is well done and sharp, with a bit of a political twist to it. This book is no exception as it is pretty awesome. It is also as satirical and emotional as can be.

I love it’s premise and this issue gives us some interesting moments.

This book takes place after the world has fallen apart.

In the first issue, we to see billionaire Rich Canto’s island. We got to see a reporter named Shelley Bly check out the island Canto runs and we got to see more of the entire landscape of the island.

This issue picks up where that issue left off.

This issue shows us a vigilante character named Trent who is boarding a plane to go Freedom Unlimited Island (or F.U. Island) where all the billionaires go.

We get a little bit of Trent’s backstory here. He talks about how he is a hunter. We get to see him be a bit of a scumbag. It is very pointed and a bit brutal.

The remainder of the issue is following Shelley Bly while she is trying to uncover the secrets of the island. She actually discovers some of those very secrets in this issue. But she may regret finding out what she uncovers. She also discovers that she might not all that safe on the island. It gets to be a bit scary at this point.

Russell tempers his script perfectly here and, while it is funny, it gets a bit dark. Pugh does a great job on the art with this book as well. His art is vibrant and perfect.

This is a bit of a more mature book from these two creators. I am loving this a lot and I can’t wait to see how it ends!



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