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Designing a Modern Apartment

When you have a beautiful home to live in certainly everything in life blooms and becomes easier. Living in tiny spaces can often be a limitation for many people but it does not mean that you have to compromise on the style. A comfortable living area, cozy nice bedrooms, comfortable kitchen space and perfect dining space is enough for making your home a beautiful one.

Creativity in using the stylish furnish and the decor is all that makes a difference. The requirements are very simple like a practical kitchen that does not feel cramped and have good organisation space. Having good cabinets are very important for a good kitchen. Similarly having a good bathroom mirror cabinet which can keep all the stuff and still looks makes all the difference. Some good-looking mirror cabinets with practical storage can also be looked at.

The plentiful storage solutions are what keep these homes beautiful and free from clutter and turn a messy place into a modern apartment.

Living room 

Keeping the wall white or filled with some light bright colour makes space look more spacious than it is. The furniture could also match the design with being leather or wood colour.

Having simple windows and using light white curtains makes space look more beautiful.

For low ceiling space something as low falling as a pendant won’t make the space look cluttered.


If the entryway is complex then something like a Lucite console will disappear into space and will not consume and virtual space.

The mirrors could be used cleverly to make space look bigger than they are and also much brighter.

An overhead light source with an eye-level source will make the place look balanced in terms of colour

The Kitchen

Some greenery with plants could be added to the kitchen to make space look fresher

Well-constructed cabinets are known to have good storage with sleek designs and should be installed. One could also order pre-assembled kitchen cabinets to enhance the storage in an easy way. If there is not enough space for a big dining room then comfortable stools could be used.


The bathroom’s colour pallet should be kept to a minimum

Brass material could be used for decoration which makes the bathroom feel more royal

Linens should be white to make space feel like a very good hotel.


A low-level bed could completely change the ceiling appearance so choosing furniture which is low grounded is important. It makes the space look grand.

Using layered textiles and blankets makes the space royal.

Also, greener could be added to the bedroom area as well.

Other ideas to decorate the apartment in a modern way are

Separate Compartments
Having a separate compartment for sleeping and using that space for other compartments as well. An elevated bed with stairs combines the cupboard and bed at a single place. Space could thus be used in a good way. Sliding panels consume less space ad makes it look more attractive.

Colour Distinction
Painting a wall differently usually separates the rest of the premise from the others. Painting the second level in a different tonality. A wall could match the tonality of the furniture and the rest of the walls could be of a very simple colour. This dual texture gives the apartment a colour pallet.

Elevated Bed
This is common nowadays. People apart from bunk beds are also now elevating their bed. This elevation gives a youthful, dynamic and contemporary space to the living room. A cosy working area could be created underneath the elevated bed. This elevation also allows cleverly hidden compartments which could be used to keep the clutter of home at one single place.

Folding Walls
The elegance can also be achieved by using a modern hint of metal texture Also, folding glass separation allows us to have more dynamic adjustable space. The is a rich solution to a confined space.

Siding stairways
Stairways which could move and could be adjusted according to the look of the room are a very clever solution for internal home decoration. The bed space and the stairs which take you there are often used once a day thus it is a good solution to have them movable to free up the space for daily activities.

Movable Bed
The bedroom space is often made into a movable cube which makes it fun space to live in. This also resolves the problem with privacy, space and having a static border. So instead of buying a sleeper couch, a private retreat-like space could be purchased to give a different feeling to the room.

Using Dark Colours
People often tend to avoid dark colours for home decoration as they feel it gives a dark and negative touch to the room. But if used in balance contrast with dark greys and blacks, it won’t make space look smaller and negative. This could give a dynamic touch to the apartment. However, the choice must be balanced.

Minimalistic home
Minimalistic look Bright coloured apartment with as much as nothing visible in the room either for the decoration or of daily as well as also a look people go for. Everything is packed inside the shelf and the home looks empty. The smooth design often fits the need of some youths.

Illusional Home
An illusion could be created in the home using the mirror on the surfaces. With movable mirror walls and staircases, people tend to prefer the apartment where there daily they see something new.


When living in a close-knit community there is very less space people have to live in and most spaces have to be shared. Having a modern apartment for yourself not only makes the apartment look sleeker and more attractive but also affects your daily mood. A very common study shows that the place you live in has a great effect on your daily mood and decisions. This is why people tend to suggest to live in spaces with a bright colour which is believed to keep your mood happy. Thus, do consider to renovate and give a nice look to your apartment before you move in. Happy living!

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