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‘DC The Doomed and the Damned Special #1’ (review)

Written by Travis G. Moore, Saladin Ahmed,
Marv Wolfman, John Arcudi, Kenny Porter,
Amanda Deibert, Garth Ennis, Amedeo Turturro,
Brandon Thomas, Alyssa Wong

Art by Daniel Sampere, Max Fiumara,
Baldemar Rivas, PJ Holden, Tom Mandrake,
Leonardo Manco, Mike Perkins,
Travis G. Moore, Riley Rossmo

Published by DC Comics


Every year, DC puts out a Halloween special. There are usually some great stories and some with diminishing quality as the issue goes on.

This is quite the same. There are some nice stories and some that are better left unread.

The good news is that the first story is pretty damn good.

It is written by John Arcudi who is always good. It is drawn by Mike Perkins who is equally as good.

It features Man-Bat going up against another winged villain. The story also had Madame Xanadu. It is great and compelling and well drawn. It’s a good start to the book.

The second story features Batman and it is written by Saladin Ahmed and Illustrated by Leonardo Manco. I have to admit that this one was pretty damn good as well.  Batman goes up against Mr. Slowdeath. It is a good story with amazing art by Manco. Seriously, this team should be on a Bat-book.

This was well done thus far.

I loved the Green Lantern story that followed this one.

Hal meets up with Etrigan The Demon and they have a madcap adventure here together.  Kenny Porter writes a great script and artist Riley Rossmo kills it on the art. He is one of my favorite artists and seems to be a staple on these treasury books.

I actually liked the next story as well featuring Wonder Woman and Raven. It us written by Amanda Deibert and drawn by Daniel Sampere. It is a fine story that is perfectly creepy. It is definitely a stand out this issue.

Solomon Grundy and Ra’s Al Ghul star in the next story which is written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by Tom Mandrake. This story is about Grundy’s mortality and it is nicely written. I have to say I loved Mandrake’s work here as well. It may be his best work ever.

The next story is written by Amedeo Turturro and drawn by Max Fiumara. It features and encounter between Superman and Swamp Thing. They join forces to take down a villain. It is a well drawn but standard story. Nothing new here.

Orphan and Orca are up next in a story by writer Alyssa Wong and artist Dominike Stanton. It isn’t a good one. Likewise, the story by writer Brandon Thomas and artist Baldemar Rivas featuring Aquaman and Frankenstein was dull. Travis Moore writes and illustrates a story about Beast Boy and Klarion that is well drawn by not much else.

The final story by Garth Ennis and PJ Holden was unfortunately unavailable for review, but features Baytor and Darkseid.

Overall, there is a lot to like with this book. The good does outweigh the bad here.

I enjoyed it very much and I am looking forward to the next one of these treasury editions!



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